About Founder


BerzahGames founded by Ali Can Meydan in 2019

Berzah Games was founded by Ali Can Meydan, 38 years old experienced multi media artist, 3d artist, technical director, illustrator, animator, awarded animated short film director and game developer since 3 years.  Ali Can Meydan worked for many companies as a freelancer since more than 15 years. 


Our team is group of professional people from various fields. We work together depend on projects. 

Retro Racer Press kit

 Rhythmic Retro Racer is an 3d arcade racing game where you can drive classic sport cars in a neon illuminated 80's world with fantastic art style... Retro Racer mostly offer rhytmic based gameplay including unique synth wave soundtrack, time challenge and free ride levels. 




Date of Release: 11.03.2020 Early Access

Hard Launch: 01.07.2020

Supported Platforms: PC so for now, PS4, Nintendo Switch @ Hard launch

Contact info: berzahgames@gmail.com

What makes retro racer specıal?

Visual Style

Rhythmic Retro Racer is created by talented and experienced professionals, and state of art graphics are  using advaned shaders and post process effects of Unreal Engine. 

Original Synth Wave Music

Original soundtrack composed by talented musician/ composer Selcuk Ergen, which fit perfectly to the visual style. You can listen more from here  https://soundcloud.com/selcukergen 

Additional Gameplay Mechanics

Retro Racer have free ride and time challenge modes which offer extra game mechanics for player. In early access mode, so for now there is only one free ride mode, but when game will be finished there will be more than 10 levels including free ride and runner mode. 

Different Concept & Cars for each level

 Each level have different concept, such as thrilling dark mystic map, futuristic map, cyber punk map etc... you can select the level while choosing VHS's from your retro room. 

Traıler vıdeo

20 mınute Gameplay vıdeo